Yesterday we, that is me and a finnish girl Maria and 2 of her friends, were visiting sufi muslim bazaar, where people were playing music and engaging in various activities of obvious religious significance. We met a very entertaining and cosmopolitan man in his fifties who took us to drink tea at one of the stalls (and organized us to sit in a way that I was sitting between him and the three girls).

This was all very nice. However, after the activities had ceased and we were on our way out, my companions were attracting a bit too much undesired attention. What the young men wanted and what they thought they could get by acting as they did, I cannot imagine. Maybe its a universal thing to act like an idiot to get attention.

 I think Maria has some pictures of the place in her blog. Oh, and finally I saw crowds of miserable beggars. Never mind the blackouts (and therefore lack of air conditioning) in 40C heat and the continuing lack of running water. Those are a small nuisances.

23.8. Edit: Link corrected.